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Mining Operation Services

Hydrogeologic Services

EARTHRES’ team of hydrogeologists, geologists, engineers, and environmental scientists provide a full range of hydrogeologic services to meet your project needs.  From routine groundwater sampling and monitoring to water supply development and permitting within exceptional use watersheds, EARTHRES has the experience and technical expertise to keep your project moving toward a successful conclusion.  EARTHRES provides hydrogeologic services across multiple industries and market sectors and routinely conducts groundwater investigations in support of water supply, mining, solid waste, and environmental projects.  Our investigations are designed with your end goal in mind, to collect the data crucial for your project and ensure compliance with applicable environmental regulations.  We offer a full range of in-house geophysical, groundwater modeling, and engineering services to further enhance your project.   From karst studies, environmental remedial design, to water supply permitting, and regional scale aquifer modeling, our team of hydrogeologists, environmental scientists and engineers will help you achieve your project goals while keeping in compliance with applicable environmental regulations.

Hydrogeologic Services

At EARTHRES, we routinely provide the following hydrogeologic services for the successful development of our client’s projects:

Analysis & Assessments

Well Support Services

Dewatering Analysis

  • Mine & Construction Dewatering Analysis
  • Zone of Influence Determination

Support Services

  • Stormwater Management
  • Infiltration Testing
  • Litigation Support
  • Regulatory Compliance

Groundwater Modeling

The EARTHRES team uses proven modeling techniques, combined with sound hydrogeological principles to satisfy your project goals and regulatory requirements. The approach is practical, cost-effective, and results-oriented, emphasizing real-world supporting data and observations. Our expertise in numerous types of groundwater models allows us to create the right model for your site, whether a simple analytical model or a sophisticated, 3-dimensional, numerical flow and transport model. Our groundwater modeling services include:

  • Groundwater Investigations, Aquifer Characterization & Remedial System Design
  • Groundwater Withdrawal Feasibility and Permitting
  • Water Resource & Groundwater Sustainability
  • Well Head Protection Zone & Capture Analysis
  • Aquifer Drawdown & Dewatering Analysis
  • Contaminant Fate & Transport Modeling
  • Karst Systems
  • Groundwater/Surface Water Interactions

Our understanding of groundwater fundamentals, inherent model assumptions and limitations allows us to customize the modeling around the specific objectives of your project to achieve your end goals.

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