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Mining Operation Services

Beneficial Reuse

Beneficial Reuse. Waste Minimization. Profits.

EARTHRES helps clients minimize waste in aggregate, industrial mineral, coal, and power plant operations through process improvement and beneficial reuse. Through beneficial reuse, we help the client manage costs and operate within increasingly stringent government relations.  Globally, the cost of disposal, ongoing storage, and the liability of storing these materials represent a significant challenge for mining operations. Through proper materials characterization, process technology assessments, process improvements, and our market knowledge of functional additives and fillers, EARTHRES helps provide clients with creative strategies that can qualify mineral reserves or plant by-product streams for use in multiple end-use applications, minimize waste and reduce material storage costs and liabilities.

Initial Consultation

As part of our Engineering for SuccessSM platform, EARTHRES provides an initial consultation to evaluate the potential of your waste materials for waste minimization and/or beneficial reuse.

Characterization & Preliminary Market Evaluation

Following an on-site evaluation, EARTHRES can characterize the material and develop a preliminary assessment of processing strategies and applications for the material in the marketplace. EARTHRES then provides lab data that characterizes the material, processing strategies (if required) and recommendations for target markets for the material.

Market Development, Plant Design & Processing Cost Estimate

EARTHRES can perform pilot production studies, develop the product and specifications, present to specific customers in the client’s target market, and deliver a conceptual flow-sheet design and an operating cost estimate for production of the product. From conception to design, we have made improvements to existing facilities to either minimize the production of a waste product or identify a use for the waste material.

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