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Mining Operation Services

Operations Focused Mine Planning

Assess. Strategize. Implement.

EARTHRES is a name you can trust in the mining industry. We specialize in mine and quarry operations beginning with exploration and lasting throughout the entire life of your operation, including reclamation. Our licensed professional engineers, professional geologists, and environmental scientists develop practical and efficient mine plans and mine operations support for aggregate, coal, sand & gravel, and industrial minerals.

Strategic, operations focused mine planning is more than answering the question, “Where am I going to mine next year?”  Operations-focused mine planning is a forward-looking exercise designed to maximize the value to be realized in the development, extraction, and processing of a mineral resource. It allows the company to optimize its capital investment, reduce operating costs, and create value. Strategic mine planning is a critical part of your company’s path to exceptional performance and ensuring sustainable and profitable operations.

image of mine site in mine planning

The Benefits of Operations Focused Mine Planning

  • Reduce Operating Costs and Improve Productivity
  • Optimize the Capital Investment and Plans
  • Develop Optional Plan Scenarios
  • Set Production Targets
  • Plan for the Future
  • Manage Issues with Variable Ore Grade
  • Extend Utilization of Expensive Infrastructure (i.e., Roads, Ramps, Conveyors, Sumps, Pumps, Pipes, etc.)
  • Avoid Slope Failures
  • Plan for Future Pumping Requirements
  • Plan for reclamation and facilitate post-mining land uses

Strategic Mine Planning

Mining operations are expected to encounter increasing opposition from regulators and the public when extracting existing mineral reserves and while permitting additional reserves.  As a result, it is important for mining operations to maximize the recovery of permitted reserves in a cost-effective manner.  Effective planning of quarry operations can result in an improved product yield, reduced operating costs, and a more consistent product quality.  In order to achieve these results, a strategic mine plan based upon the geology and quality of the mineral deposit can be developed to maintain process control of product yield and quality and reduce operating costs.

The strategic mine planning method begins with the collection of geologic and quality data from exploration drilling and sampling.  This information can be utilized to construct a 3D geologic block model.  Following block model creation, a strategic sequence of extraction is developed to meet the targeted criteria or key performance indicators as established by the mine operator.  Potential outcomes of strategic mine plan development include a raw mineral blending strategy at the mining operation, potential beneficial reuse of sorted waste streams, or identification of major capital projects in support of active mining operations that are projected to have the largest return on investment.

Other Mining Services:

  • Exploration and Reserve Studies / Analysis
  • Site Construction Permitting and Land Development
  • Mining Engineering, Design and Permitting
  • Geotechnical Evaluation and Slope Stability Analysis
  • Geology, Hydrogeology & Water Withdrawal Analysis / Permitting
  • Mineral Processing Engineering and Design
  • Industrial Minerals Consulting
  • Process Plant Design

The foundation for both short and long-term success is built on the strategic mine plan. It is the road map to the future.

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