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Mining Operation Services

Mining Engineering

Mining Engineering and Geologic Services

  • Mine design and permitting for new mines and expansions
  • Exploration and reserves estimation
  • Mine planning and operations optimization
  • Process plant design
  • Hydrogeologic balance assessments and pump tests
  • Slope stability and high wall investigations
  • Groundwater modeling and zone of influence
  • Reclamation and rehabilitation plans
  • Beneficial re-use strategies
  • Expert testimony and litigation
  • Mine surveying using a variety of technologies such as reflectorless total station, 3D scanning, and drones
  • Air permitting
  • Wetlands delineation
  • Mine reclamation fill (clean fill) permitting

Mineral Processing Engineering Services

New Plant Design:

  • Evaluate deposit for proper equipment selection
  • Design plant to maximize product mix and production

Existing Operation:

  • Evaluate & audit plant
  • Make recommendations to increase production

Our 3D scanning provides as-built drawings of your facility with precise measurements and pictures, allowing you to make quicker and better-informed decisions for future expansions or maintenance. Having these plans allows:

  • Alternative analyses for improvements
  • Understanding of how to create a new higher revenue operating system
  • Development of plant upgrade scenarios by modeling different options in Autodesk® AutoCAD® 3D software
3D Surpac Model

However, to be the most successful with the process control instrumentation, we need to make sure the plant evaluation includes:

  • Complete mass balance development
  • Field flow measurement: belt cuts, flow meters, density
  • Unit analysis and performance evaluation: crushers, screens, cyclones, dryers, classifiers, mills, flotation, calciners, magnets, feeders, and conveyors
  • Flowsheet development
  • Prioritization of projects based on ROI
  • Project management and implementation

Exploration and Feasibility

  • Geologic assessment sampling/drilling
  • Bench testing
  • Analytical and application testing
  • Market and economic assessment

Engineering and Construction

  • Process flow sheet design and pilot studies
  • Detailed engineering and construction oversight

Operations and Marketing

  • Plant optimization
  • Plant design
  • Operator training
  • Quality assurance
Mining Engineering Site

Minerals Marketing Consulting Services

  • Valuation of new mineral deposits and existing operations
  • Market assessments and feasibility studies
  • Mining, processing, and marketing expertise to lower costs
  • Business planning, operations management, and strategic planning
  • Mergers and acquisitions due diligence
  • Technical feasibility studies (i.e., lab, pilot, and applications testing)
  • Identifying new high-value mineral products
  • Strategies to meet customer needs at the lowest possible cost

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