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Mining Operation Services

Mine Permitting | Trusted Mining Experience

Government.  Regulations.  Compliance.

EARTHRES’ understanding of the regulatory requirements combined with our experience with the regulatory agencies and local governments ensures success in navigating through the intricate mine permitting process, even in sensitive community environments.  At EARTHRES, our mining team specializes in mine and quarry permitting projects from exploration and throughout the entire life of your operation, including reclamation and final land development.  EARTHRES will provide you with the technical and regulatory expertise necessary to keep you in compliance with Federal, State and Local requirements.

Mine Permitting and Environmental Services

Our mine permitting and environmental services consist of:

  • All Federal, State and Local Permitting
  • Underground Design, Permitting, and Ventilation
  • Wetland Services
  • Hydrogeology and Geophysics Evaluations
  • Air Quality Permitting for Mines, Quarries, Cement, Lime, Aggregate, Concrete, Asphalt and Industrial Minerals

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