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Solid waste

Our solid waste solutions solve technical challenges that can pose a threat to environmental safety, compliance, and your project’s success.


Understand and navigate the complexities of solid waste management.

EARTHRES offers engineering, permitting, construction and operations support with traditional and advanced solid waste management services. We understand the delicate environmental, political, and social balance that solid waste clients must maintain with limited capital.

Our team provides comprehensive solid waste engineering services for landfills, Municipal Recycling Facilities (MRFs), biosolids processing, waste conversion/diversion facilities, composting, transfer stations, renewable gas, and medical waste management facilities. 


Key LFGTE Project Experience

Managing the landfill gas system, with all the monitoring and compliance work it requires. How does a company manage this with limited headcount? In addition to our design services, EARTHRES provides a full range of landfill gas (LFG) system management services for its clients, including operation, troubleshooting, monitoring, maintenance, and compliance reportings…


Clients call on us to help them site, permit, and design new solid waste disposal facilities and expand existing facilities.

We understand the competitive nature and market factors of the waste industry that contribute to client success. We work within these constraints to provide high-quality, cost-competitive solid waste engineering services ━━━ while still being accessible and responsive.

Design and Permitting

We provide industry leading solutions to your site challenges through financial performance modeling, engineering plans, and facility design and permitting.

Conversion and Diversion

We help clients expand their solid waste management capabilities with the future in mind. Landfills are still needed, but new technologies are providing more opportunities for re-use and conversion than ever before.

Facility Construction and Operations Support

After design, permitting, and critical path identification, our team works with the client to implement procurement, construction and provide independent quality control. Once operating, EARTHRES provides expertise to supplement the facility’s team and drive improvement of their bottom line.

Monitoring and Reporting

Our monitoring and reporting functions serve to identify risks, evaluate operational performance, and maintain compliance using the latest technology and innovation.


Our people

Meet the team behind the work.

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