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Key LFGTE Project Experience: Landfill Gas System Management Services and Related Training


The Project: EARTHRES Landfill Services

📍United States

The Challenge

Managing the landfill gas system, with all the monitoring and compliance work it requires. How does a company manage this with limited headcount?

The Solution

In addition to our design services, EARTHRES provides a full range of landfill gas (LFG) system management services for its clients, including operation, troubleshooting, monitoring, maintenance, and compliance reporting of the active gas collection and control systems. EARTHRES performs all aspects of LFG system monitoring and reporting required under the federal New Source Performance Standards (NSPS) regulations and state/local regulations, including the following:

▪️ Wellfield Monitoring/Troubleshooting
▪️ Quarterly Surface Methane Emissions Monitoring
▪️ Routine Building and Landfill Perimeter Combustible Gas Monitoring
▪️ Gas System Dewatering and Maintenance
▪️ Annual Landfill Gas Characterization Sampling

EARTHRES’ LFG system technicians perform targeted and routine wellfield monitoring to troubleshoot, adjust and operate systems in accordance with NSPS regulatory requirements. Our experienced technicians and managers evaluate the data collected and continually optimize system operation by balancing the need for odor control while maintaining gas quality for offsite sale. A database and Geographic Information System- based system are utilized to manage wellfield data and to geographically map wellfield performance on a routine basis.

EARTHRES’ LFG management reporting services include preparation of weekly and monthly gas system performance reports, monthly maintenance and equipment inspection reports, quarterly monitoring reports, and semi-annual NSPS compliance reports.

EARTHRES can also provide training for LFG system management services and related regulatory, compliance, permitting, and monitoring programs upon the clients’ request.

The Results

Annual compliance is up to date, generating a cost reduction in labor and fines with EARTHRES Landfill Gas Management Services.

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