Monitoring and Reporting

Develop.  Monitor.  Report.

EARTHRES offers a variety of monitoring and reporting solutions to help our clients collect the data they need to obtain the proper permits and demonstrate compliance with regulatory and permit conditions.

Monitoring and reporting

Onsite Monitoring

The EARTHRES team of engineers, scientists and geologists are experienced in on-site field monitoring methods.  On-site monitoring services include:

  • Groundwater and Surface Water Sampling/Monitoring
  • Gas System Monitoring
  • NSPS and other Air Emissions Monitoring
  • Noise Monitoring

EARTHRES can also prepare the compliance reports associated with these monitoring requirements.

Remote Monitoring

When you need to show data for permit acquisition or compliance, let EARTHRES’ remote monitoring solutions provide an accurate view of your operations.  Remote monitoring is a useful tool for a number of purposes including the proper processes are in place for the safety of workers and the community, obtaining data for pre-permitting analysis and project development, as well as to monitor and confirm proper operation for ongoing processes.

Groundwater and surface water monitoring can prove sufficient supply and flow exist for a viable water source.  Data logging can identify problematic areas for pipeline improvements or wastewater management systems.  There are many applications for almost every industry, and EARTHRES can work with you to customize solutions specific to your needs.

Our self-contained customizable units provide wireless continuous monitoring and data logging for multiple remote wireless or wired sensors. Our systems can be programmed to provide email or text notifications, and can be remotely maintained and upgraded.  You’ll also receive support from our experienced technical team.

Remote monitoring services for the food and beverage, energy, mining, manufacturing, and solid waste sectors, include:

  • Spring Water / Water Supply Pump Control and Level / Flow Monitoring
  • Mining Water Flow and Discharge Rates
  • Landfill Gas Flare, Pipeline and Pump Station Monitoring
  • Gas Wellhead and Pipeline Remote Monitoring
  • Wastewater Pipeline Pressure and Delivery Point Monitoring

monitoring and reporting database servicesData Management

EARTHRES can help you develop a data management solution that will work for you to support operations and decrease compliance risks.  EARTHRES Database Services are an efficient and sustainable solution for managing your data and allowing you time to focus resources on your core business needs. EARTHRES offers customizable database services on the “cloud”, delivering optimum performance across all devices. This allows you easy accessibility and time efficient project management and organization.

A customized database can help you with:

  • Compliance: Key compliance needs are identified for your sites and properly managed
  • Tasks: Workflow task assignments are generated with automatic emails, ensuring employees are notified when necessary
  • Forms: Organize and customize internal forms without excess papers
  • Documents: Maintain up to date records at all times

Knowledgeable. Accurate. Thorough.

Bogged down with regulatory issues? EARTHRES will help navigate the complex permitting process and see your project through from conception to development.

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