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Mining Operation Services

Process Control/Instrumentation

Beneficial Reuse. Waste Minimization. Profits.

Keep your operation running at peak efficiency with EARTHRES process control and instrumentation services. We offer a full spectrum of services to help you automate, monitor and control your processes to optimize facility performance and compliance. Our mechanical and process engineering team can work with you to design an automation system for a new plant or upgrade your existing automation platform to achieve your objectives.

EARTHRES has the experience and expertise to design a new plant or upgrade an existing operation, including process control automation, data logging / data management, and remote monitoring and control. Our team will work with you to create a turnkey system that results in an increase in efficiency, quality, reliability, process consistency and decreased operating costs. Our value to our clients extends far beyond the capabilities of a control panel fabrication shop or a programmer. At EARTHRES, automation and process controls are only half the project; we understand the importance of the right instrumentation and components to monitor the process, collect and analyze the data, and provide notification of impending problems ideally before they occur. We ask the right questions to learn your process and develop a system that is user-friendly and operates the way you need it to.

Let us help you address the problems associated with proprietary systems, legacy systems, incompatible controls, and equipment “islands” that won’t integrate with your SCADA system.

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