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Geology / Hydrogeology Services



Our geophysical services experts will help you get a comprehensive look at your site by using techniques especially suited for your site and project needs.  Our team of experts can help you get a first look at subsurface conditions before undertaking costly drilling or digging activities.  Geophysical surveys can be paired with existing site data to reduce costs and optimize project results.  Whether you’re looking for where to drill a new well or identify areas to avoid, or if you need to fully characterize subsurface conditions, EARTHRES will help you get the full picture for your project’s needs. If there are risks discovered, EARTHRES will be there to provide recommendations for remedial alternatives.

Invest in the EARTHRES team for your geophysical needs.

Geophysics Services 3D ER Survey

EARTHRES engineers and geoscientists routinely perform surveys to assess near-surface geologic and geotechnical site characteristics. Our team is trained in advanced non-invasive technologies like seismic surveys, electrical resistivity imaging, ground penetrating radar, magnetometer surveys, and 3D imaging techniques. These tools allow us to assess subsurface conditions at your project site and characterize key features like depth to bedrock, depth to water, pinnacled bedrock, sinkholes and other karst features, soil and groundwater contamination, buried waste, water-producing zones, mineral deposits, buried drums, or other anthropogenic artifacts beneath the surface.

From karst and geotechnical investigations to environmental remediation and water supply projects, EARTHRES can assist with your project’s investigation requirements, and help you see it through to completion.

── EARTHRES’ Geophysical Methods
  • Electrical Resistivity
  • Ground Conductivity
  • Seismic Refraction
  • Seismic Reflection
  • MASW
  • Ground Penetrating Radar
  • Borehole Geophysics
  • Magnetometer Surveys
── EARTHRES’ Geophysical Services

Our geophysical services include:

  • 3D Imaging
  • Production Well Siting
  • Sinkhole/Karst Investigations
  • Geotechnical Investigation
  • UST and Drum Location
  • Waste Pit & Landfill Mapping
  • Depth to Bedrock Surveys
  • IBC Seismic site classification
  • Rippability Evaluations
  • Fracture Delineation
  • Hydrogeological Field Investigations

If your next project requires geophysical services, turn to our team.  EARTHRES is uniquely equipped with the expertise and experience to reach success at each stage of your project.

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