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Geology / Hydrogeology Services

Geologic Services

At EARTHRES, we routinely provide the following geologic services for the successful development of our clients’ projects:

  • Geologic Investigations, Mapping, and Evaluation
  • Exploration Drilling, Sampling, and Analysis
  • Carbonate – Karst Geology Studies
  • Borehole Geophysical Surveys
  • Surficial Geophysical Surveys
  • Geotechnical and Slope Stability Evaluations
  • Fracture Trace Analysis
  • Geologic Modeling
  • Naturally Occurring Asbestos Assessments
── Support Services
  • Environmental Site Assessment & Remediation
  • Hydrogeologic & Groundwater Modeling Services
  • Litigation Support
  • Permitting, Monitoring, & Regulatory Compliance

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