An Engineering Consultant that Advocates for You

We are a team of engineers, geologists, and environmental specialists who put ourselves in your shoes and use our global experience and innovation to solve your unique challenges.

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Solid Waste

Trusted experience in solid waste management, from landfill gas to leachate facilities.

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Ongoing work in the mining industry combined with hard earned experience means one thing... effective and credible solutions to bring success to your project.

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Extensive knowledge of regulations and permitting are vital to a successful project, which is why we offer a comprehensive set of services to keep you in compliance without putting a hitch in your work.

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Creative ideas, practical solutions. Maximizing profitability and growth through strategic planning to fulfill all industrial challenges. That’s our goal.

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Oil & Gas

In a rapidly developing shale gas market, our comprehensive set of skills provides you with the needed edge in a competitive industry.

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Contracted through GSA, EarthRes provides a variety of environmental services, civil engineering services, and investigation and remediation services to federal, state, and local governments and agencies.

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About EarthRes Operationally-Focused Client Advocate

Environmentalist-Focused Client Advocate

EarthRes is a multidisciplinary engineering and consulting firm providing cost-effective high quality services to private and public clients.

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