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Industrial Minerals Consulting – From Waste to Wealth


The Project: Industrial Minerals Consulting


The Challenge

Evaluate and assess the client’s existing mine waste stream to determine if there is a viable market for the product.

The Solution

Industrial Minerals Consulting From Waste to Wealth

EARTHRES’ extensive industrial minerals consulting experience can help you turn an existing waste stream into profit. The first step is to evaluate the physical and chemical properties of a client’s waste stream to identify potential uses in markets that the client may not have previously identified. We then determine the process necessary to refine the existing waste stream to yield a saleable product. Typically the next step is to conduct pilot testing to generate samples for testing by potential end users. The product is then marketed to potential end users and finally, we design and install the necessary production circuit to supply the market demand.


In one instance our mining team designed a process to refine the mine waste into a valuable product to be used in the coatings/paint and plastics industries. Then using our business development experience we identified the appropriate sales channels and successfully marketed the material to key customers for our client.

In another instance EARTHRES was able to develop a process to separate different constituents in a waste stream, turning 60% – 70% of the waste stream into a highly desirable, high dollar product. The end result for our client was less handling and storage of a waste material (lower cost) and a high dollar revenue stream that was previously unavailable to the client. EARTHRES’ experience in processing industrial minerals and our understanding of the different end uses for industrial minerals gives us a unique perspective to identify potential value in your waste stream. We understand the processes necessary to refine your waste stream to yield a saleable product and finally with our experience we are able to determine where and how to market the end product to achieve the highest value for our client.

The Results

A new sales channel was found for future assets. This provided for an immediate return on investment, as it allowed for the elimination of the client’s waste stream and previous stockpile.

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