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Expedited Permitting for Drilling Industry Chemical Terminal


The Project: Permitting for Chemical Terminal

📍North Central Pennsylvania

The Challenge

Provide permit requirements and design modifications to obtain expedited environmental permitting for a drilling industry chemical terminal in central Pennsylvania.

The operation has both bulk and container storage of flammable and combustible materials, including hydrochloric acid, petroleum hydrocarbons, and flammable and combustible materials. EARTHRES was also requested to design another support facility in the state.

The Solution

EARTHRES reviewed the plans and prepared a summary of the permit requirements and design modifications required for compliance. EARTHRES prepared the required SPR plan as part of the Site Specific Installation Permit for the construction of PA-regulated storage tanks. A four-week turnaround of the plan allowed for expedited submission of the permit package, and approval was received within eight weeks thus allowing construction of the plant to be completed on time.

EARTHRES was also retained by the client to review design plans for another support facility located in Pennsylvania. The client was prepared to award a contract to build the storage facility and wanted an environmental regulatory review of the proposed facility to determine compliance with applicable Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (PA DEP) and Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry (PA L&I) requirements. Coordination with local authorities was provided. EARTHRES reviewed the plans and prepared a summary of the permit requirements for compliance. The site was complicated by floodplain issues.

A Pollution, Preparedness, and Contingency (PPC) Plan was prepared for the entire facility, including a vehicle maintenance garage, mud plant, chemical terminal, and sand plant. Contingency plans were prepared for waste oil ASTs, chemical ASTs, generator tanks, and product drums and totes. EARTHRES prepared a Spill Prevention Response (SPR) Plan for a third facility located in Pennsylvania.

EARTHRES also prepared the required Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SPPP) in conjunction with the site NPDES permit application for runoff from an industrial facility.

The Results

Proper permitting for the facility was obtained within 8 weeks, keeping the project on schedule and in compliance, including SPPP for industrial facility stormwater runoff. Compliance plans were also completed for two other support facilities.

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