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Environmental Compliance for Hospitals


The Project: Hospital Environmental Compliance


The Challenge

Facility managers, director of facilities and other hospital personnel are tasked with maintaining compliance with their environmental permits and program areas on top of their day to day responsibilities, but don’t always have the time or specialized knowledge to manage the complexities of program areas such as air quality permitting and compliance, waste, water, carbon reduction strategies, emergency response plans, and hazardous communication.

The Solution

Removing the burden of compliance

EARTHRES routinely assists hospital facilities environmental permitting and compliance with monthly recordkeeping and semiannual / annual compliance reporting.  Our services are always tailored to your hospital’s specific needs.  For some hospitals, EARTHRES staff visit with the site on a monthly basis to ensure routine daily and other monitoring and emission checks are in place, inspect sources, and check records.  Other sites only require periodic or annual visits.  Many hospitals prefer beginning with a compliance audit across multiple programs to identify areas of improvement as well as programs where the hospital is performing well.  For example, many hospitals have a good handle on hazardous and chemo-infectious waste disposal, but may struggle with completing daily emission checks, especially for those facilities which are short staffed, or do not have maintenance coverage on weekends and holidays.

Acting as an extension of your Facilities Department.

EARTHRES assists with agency inspections, sustainability reports, capital projects, and other unique requests of your facilities department.

Helping you retain relief on requirements

We can also work with municipalities, county, PA DEP, NJ DEP, EPA, and other agencies to retain relief on requirements such as daily monitoring, stack emissions testing, and updating of permit contact information.

The Results

  • Reduction of daily emissions monitoring to weekly, providing relief to personnel who were working 7 days a week to ensure their monitoring was completed as required.
  • Assistance with annual PA DEP air quality compliance inspection, providing copies of records such as monthly and 12-month rolling emissions, genset records, and permitting documents.
  • Successfully ensured the hospital passed its inspection and kept PA DEP satisfied that the hospital is in compliance with its important environmental obligations.
  • Minimized site personnel and managers’ time away from their daily responsibilities, including of course patient, visitor, and staff health, safety, and wellness.

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