Waste Processing & Diversion Engineering

Waste Diversion

Growing corporate demand and government goals to reach zero waste initiatives are creating opportunities for the expansion of existing recycling technologies and fostering the development of new waste processing diversion/conversion technologies.  EARTHRES has experience supporting a multitude of waste processing and diversion engineering services.  Your operation will see a solid return on your investment in recycling, composting, anaerobic digestion, biosolids and other revenue generating waste diversion and waste processing facilities.

Our capabilities include:

Waste Processing and Diversion Engineering 2EARTHRES has provided consulting services for both stand-alone and co-located waste diversion and processing facilities.  We strive to understand the conditions associated with each site and project, to make the most of each site for client satisfaction and facility performance, and to optimize co-location to take advantage of zoning and existing infrastructure.  We also understand that solid waste infrastructure is critical to protecting human health and the environment, and that waste conversion/diversion and processing project development are synergistic with those practices.

EARTHRES can provide engineering support for the following waste conversion/diversion and waste processing facilities:

  • MRRF
  • Composting
  • Anaerobic Digestion
  • Biosolids Conversion
  • Biogas Beneficial Use
  • Medical Waste Processing
  • Waste to Energy

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EARTHRES is your trusted source for hydrogeological and environmental engineering services. We understand your business and work with you to ensure the quality and success of your project.

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