Solid Waste Engineering

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At EARTHRES, we understand the delicate environmental, political and social balance that solid waste clients have to maintain with limited capital. We provide solutions to the technical challenges that can pose a threat to environmental safety, compliance, and your project’s success with our solid waste engineering solutions. EARTHRES provides comprehensive solid waste engineering services for landfills, MRF, biosolids processing, waste conversion/diversion facilities, composting and medical waste management facilities. EARTHRES also specializes in landfill gas and leachate management system design and construction and operations support, which are two of the most complex and critical environmental management systems operating at a landfill site.

EARTHRES understands the competitive nature of the waste industry, as well as the market factors that contribute to client success. We work within those constraints to provide high-quality, cost-competitive solid waste engineering services while being accessible and responsive. A purpose driven firm, we are dedicated to improving our client’s bottom line.

From planning, design and permitting to construction and operation, EARTHRES will develop designs dedicated to the operational efficiency of your solid waste management facilities.

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Solid Waste Engineering Services

  • Project economic analysis and feasibility
  • Geotechnical studies, facility design, and land development
  • Waste disposal/processing facility siting and evaluation
  • Landfill gas system design, monitoring, and optimization
  • Landfill gas-to-energy and direct use design
  • Leachate management and treatment system design
  • Permit application preparation
  • Site closure design
  • Site investigation and due diligence studies
  • Hydrogeological investigation/groundwater monitoring
  • Landfill SCADA system design/implementation
  • Litigation support / forensic analysis
  • Regulatory compliance and air quality permitting
  • Environmental management system development
  • Leachate management system design

Construction Support

  • Engineering design peer review
  • Bid and contract document preparation
  • Bid review and evaluation
  • Product procurement support
  • CQA Plan preparation / updates
  • Material testing protocol preparation
  • Construction Management
  • Construction Quality assurance (CQA) (earthwork, stormwater, structures, mechanical/process, and decontamination/demolition)
  • Project engineering certification
  • Construction layout and as-built surveying
  • Expert testimony
  • Forensic evaluations

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EARTHRES is your trusted source for hydrogeological and environmental engineering services. We understand your business and work with you to ensure the quality and success of your project.

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