Solid Waste Construction Engineering Services

Vision. Development. Operation.

Avoid costly facility design delays and optimize your landfill and municipal waste facility construction process with our solid waste construction engineering services and construction quality assurance (CQA). At EARTHRES, we offer a comprehensive approach to construction support based on our years of experience on waste management facility design, CQA, and operational support for landfills, leachate/wastewater treatment and biogas reuse projects, recycling and waste processing facilities, beneficial reuse and composting operations.


From planning, design and permitting to construction assistance and operation, EARTHRES will support your project objectives and commit our dedication to ensure your facility construction goes according to plan, schedule, and budget.

Solid Waste Construction Engineering Services

  • Engineering Design Peer Review
  • Bid and Contract Document Preparation
  • Bid Review and Evaluation
  • Product Procurement Support
  • CQA Plan Preparation / Updates
  • Material Testing Protocol Preparation
  • Construction Management
  • Construction Quality Assurance (CQA) (Earthwork, Stormwater, Structures, Mechanical/Process, and Decontamination/Demolition)
  • Project Engineering Certification
  • Construction Layout and As-Built Surveying
  • Expert Testimony
  • Forensic Evaluations

Let us support your vision through the complex regulatory environment and eliminate issues in the field to get your facility operational.

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