Shoreline Protection

Mitigate coastal erosion and storm damage with EARTHRES shoreline protection and restoration engineering services.  From risk evaluation of your shoreline and property or a constructive plan to restore the shoreline from previous damage, our engineers are prepared to step in and meet your project needs. We tailor our coastal engineering techniques to your site’s specific characteristics and environmental composition to ensure long-term coastal protection and sustainability.

image of shoreline protection

Shoreline Protection Services

  • Geotechnical evaluation
  • Existing conditions evaluations and risk assessment
  • Environmental consultation for soft or hard shoreline protection structures
  • Revetment and seawall designs and calculations
  • Beach replenishment, dune and marsh creation
  • Construction plans and specifications preparation
  • Shoreline disaster remediation and land development/reconstruction engineering
  • Permitting and compliance assistance
  • Construction management services

Let our engineers guide your shoreline protection project through every step to a successful completion. We will be there wherever you need us to step in; from the survey to the design, permitting and construction stages.

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