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As a pipeline engineering and design firm, EARTHRES’ primary tangible deliverables to clients are engineered design drawings used to construct new or replacement pipeline facilities.  But we also provide another, less tangible but equally important deliverable, in our engineered design drawings and as a stand-alone service.  This other, less tangible deliverable, is our operations engineering consulting service.

At EARTHRES, we blend our operations experience and background in natural gas, natural gas liquids, and oil pipelines with our engineering experience, background, and mentality to produce solutions that are operationally focused, business-minded, and actionable.  The energy business is a business built on experience, expertise, industry relationships, and operational excellence, among others.  At EARTHRES, we engineer constructability, operability, and maintainability in everything we do.  Our operating company clients appreciate our operations mindset.  You will too.

Operations engineering support services are varied in their approach and execution but always work toward the end goal of improving the operation of whatever plant or equipment they are being applied to.  With this broad backdrop, we categorize our operations support services into the following:

Operations Engineering Support MainReal-World Engineered Solutions

Whether your operating support needs are in the upstream, midstream, or downstream industry segments, EARTHRES brings real-world engineered solutions to your operations challenges.  Let us put our knowledge to work for you.

Start-up and Commissioning – When projects reach a predetermined level of mechanical completion, the start-up activities begin, followed by the commissioning activities. Whether EARTHRES engineered and designed the project or not, we can assist or lead the start-up and commissioning of the project.  From Hydrostatic Test Plan development and implementation to Final Acceptance Performance Testing and everything in between, EARTHRES brings experience and commitment to the task.


Operations personnel are challenged on a daily basis with keeping facilities and equipment in service. When new equipment and facilities are handed over to operations by the start-up team, the operations personnel may be unfamiliar and untrained on the new equipment.  EARTHRES can provide training to your operations staff using existing training programs or develop and provide training of new programs specific to the equipment or operations being used.  Our association with or membership in industry-leading organizations such as the American Gas Association (AGA), the Interstate Natural Gas Association of America (INGAA), the Gas Technology Institute (GTI), and others promotes EARTHRES’ ability to look across the industry and apply best practices to our operations training services.  EARTHRES offers engineering-based training to operations personnel in the following areas:

  • Gathering, Transmission, and Distribution Pipeline Operations – Pipeline, Gas Conditioning, Gas Processing, Measurement and Regulation, Compression, LNG
  • Pipeline Regulatory Compliance for Operators – Federal USDOT and OSHA Regulations, State PUC/SCC Regulations
  • Fundamentals of the Natural Gas Industry – High-level overview of Technical, Commercial, Regulatory, and Operations
  • Custom Designed Sessions – For your engineering, design, operations, and maintenance personnel at your location

Operating Facility Support

Once a facility or equipment is up and running and under the control of your operations staff, there may be a need for ongoing operations support. This support could be intermittent or long-term.  Whatever the duration, EARTHRES can provide the following engineering-based services to help keep the facility or equipment in service:

  • Corrosion Protection – Engineering, design, installation, operation of Galvanic (or Sacrificial) System and Impressed Current System
  • Ultrasonic Thickness Testing – Program development and execution
  • PSV (Pressure Safety Valve) Studies – Existing facilities and new designs
  • Flare Studies – Existing facilities and new designs
  • Remote Gas Monitoring – continuous area monitoring for the presence of gas; alarm locally and remotely if gas detected
  • Operator Qualification – Program Development; Training to perform Covered Tasks; Employee Evaluation and Certification; Contractor Evaluation and Certification
  • Laser Scanning and Preparation of As-Built Drawings
  • Vibration Testing, Analysis, and Mitigation Studies
  • Dispersion Studies – Modeling and analysis of gas plume drift and dispersion

Whether your operating support needs are in the production, gathering, processing, transmission, distribution, storage, LNG, or regulatory sectors, EARTHRES brings real-world engineered solutions to your operations challenges.  Let us put our knowledge to work for you.


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