Landfill Gas/Biogas & Gas to Energy

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EARTHRES specializes in the design of landfill gas (LFG) / biogas collection systems, landfill gas to energy (LFGTE) systems, high BTU and direct LFG / biogas use project applications, regulatory compliance and LFG system operations support. Our gas collection system designs offer active area collection, dewatering strategies and elevated temperature management features for our clients, while our highly experienced field technicians provide operations support, maintenance, and training. Our gas system controls are uniquely designed to maximize operating efficiencies and maintain regulatory compliance for landfill and digester projects. We are proud to support clients with onsite and remote monitoring, reporting, and data management services to supplement their in-house capabilities.


Our fully integrated approach to LFGTE / biogas design ranges from early feasibility studies and gas modeling through contract development, engineering design, SCADA and remote telemetry applications for system monitoring, control and data collection/management, construction quality assurance (CQA), operations support, system optimization and troubleshooting, and ongoing maintenance. EARTHRES will work seamlessly with both the landfill and third-party LFGTE contractor to develop a successful beneficial use project. We understand the complexities and nuances associated with site compliance and optimization for revenue generation and we have the experience and strategies to meet both requirements.

EARTHRES is unique in that our staff is well-versed in low-pressure landfill gas/biogas management system design as well as high-pressure applications associated with mid-stream natural gas projects. Our clients benefit as a result of our experience in both these fields and our ability to apply innovative technologies across the market sectors. Our mid-stream experience can also be extremely beneficial to our biogas clients during the development and design of renewable natural gas high BTU projects and their associated interconnects with the natural gas pipeline system. Our mechanical and process design expertise is also very helpful to LFG direct use applications which are becoming more prevalent as the LFGTE market has matured and many prime landfill sites have developed projects. EARTHRES also has experience with biosolids processing and conversion facility design and permitting.  We provide these services for both the domestic and international markets.

Landfill Gas GTE Biogas

Landfill Gas, Digester Biogas and Landfill Gas to Energy Services:

  • Conceptual design, feasibility studies, and due diligence
  • LFG / biogas characterization and modeling
  • Permitting and regulatory support
  • Site monitoring and air quality permitting
  • Technological evaluation, alternatives assessment, engineering design, economic/financial analyses, and equipment/instrumentation procurement
  • Control strategies, control system design, fabrication, installation, and commissioning
  • Assisting owner to realize the full potential of project tax credits, renewable energy certificates, bonds, and incentives
  • Integration of LFG/LFGTE project with overall landfill design, permitting, and construction/expansion
  • Condensate and leachate treatability studies and treatment system design
  • Complete site and facility design
  • Construction bid document preparation, bid evaluation, construction quality assurance, and construction management
  • System commissioning
  • System operation/support and troubleshooting

EARTHRES will provide you with unique strengths, including but not limited to:

  • Troubleshooting and optimization of under-performing gas systems
  • Intermediate system designs and operational strategies to maximize gas collection and odor control in active waste disposal areas
  • Integration of multiple gas end uses (flares, turbines, engines, boilers)
  • LFGTE strategies to balance odor control and gas quality
  • Experienced field technicians provide operations, maintenance, and training support
  • Pilot-scale landfill gas treatment and condensate collection systems

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Bogged down with regulatory issues? EARTHRES will help navigate the complex permitting process and see your project through from conception to development.

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