Land Development Permitting

Resource. Integration. Conservation.

In the over 20 years which EARTHRES has been partnering with clients to achieve project goals, we have long recognized that land development design, coupled with site enhancing environmental protections, afford our clients a project site that is not only economically feasible but environmentally friendly.  Land development inherently alters the landscape of your site, but the design professionals at EARTHRES understand that collaboration and communication with governing agencies channels a design that will best serve our clients, as well as serving the community. Our goal for your project is to showcase it as a symbiotic relationship with the conservation of existing natural resources and your project vision.


Our team at EARTHRES understands that every project is unique in both the client’s goals and the actual site itself so we approach every project as a cooperative design between development and preservation. EARTHRES’ intuitive style of land development design contributes to approvals for your project. Extensive design knowledge united with EARTHRES’ experience of regulatory permitting advances your vision into reality. With the wide array of clients and projects that EARTHRES has successfully earned agency permit approvals, we have proven ourselves time and time again as strong allies to our partner’s project successes.

With an expansive history of project permitting in the Mid-Atlantic Region, the following list shows permits and approvals where EARTHRES has experience working with regulatory agencies or governing bodies in order to procure your project approvals:

  • State Department of Environmental Protection Approvals
    • General Permits
    • Joint Permits Water Obstruction Permits
    • Dam Safety and Waterway Management
    • National Pollution Discharge Elimination System Permits (NPDES), Industrial, Construction, and Associated Compliance
    • Wetlands Permits and Mitigation Plans
    • Sewage Facilities Planning Module
  • State Department of Transportation
    • Highway Occupancy Permits
    • Access Driveway Permits
    • Utility Opening Permits
    • Stormwater Discharge Permits
  • Local Municipality, City, Township, or Borough Codes
    • Zoning Regulations
    • Subdivision and Land Development Ordinances (SALDO)
  • County Planning and Design Codes
    • Governing Regulations for County Resources
    • Conservation Districts
    • Erosion and Sedimentation Pollution Control Plan Adequacy Certifications
    • Stormwater Discharge Permits Associated with Construction Site Activities
  • United States Department of the Army Corps of Engineers
  • Natural Heritage Program and other Natural Resource Stakeholders


Navigating the waters of site permitting is a daunting task that can easily overwhelm our partners, but at EARTHRES we lean on our experiences and our professional relationships to handle your project through the progressions of permitting approvals. Utilizing a collaborative approach between our clients and government agencies, EARTHRES proudly simplifies the procedure so your project receives the attention it deserves from your land development design team.

Knowledgeable. Accurate. Thorough.

Bogged down with regulatory issues? EARTHRES will help navigate the complex permitting process and see your project through from conception to development.

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