Food & Beverage Regulatory Compliance

Under the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), Federal law requires manufacturers to comply with food safety plans, good manufacturing practices, and Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) to ensure the safety of food products through the entire food chain.  The preventive controls qualified individual (PCQI) trained team of professionals at EARTHRES will help your company navigate through these complex requirements and ensure proper compliance.

Our scientists and engineers are experienced in completing multi-media permitting, developing and implementing environmental management systems, proposing plans, and assisting in all areas of regulatory interpretation and compliance.

EARTHRES offers full regulatory compliance services including:

Food & Beverage Regulatory Services

  • FSMA and PCQI Certified Professionals
  • Meet NSF Requirements
  • Water Supply Permitting and Resource Development
  • Water Basin Commission Investigation and Permitting
  • Multi-State Permitting and Annual Permit Renewals for Source, Bottling Plant and Products
  • Monthly Permit Maintenance and Reporting

In addition to compliance services, EARTHRES offers process engineering capabilities, as proper treatment and bottling of your client’s proprietary specialty beverages is crucial to ensure they meet FDA regulations for food safety, as well as quality control and consistency for the consumer. We can develop the water treatment plans your clients require for their low-sodium, electrolyte balanced, reverse osmosis or other specialty beverage products.

EARTHRES Process Engineering Services

Knowledgeable. Accurate. Thorough.

Bogged down with regulatory issues? EARTHRES will help navigate the complex permitting process and see your project through from conception to development.

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