Key LFGTE Project Experience: Landfill Gas System Management Services and Related Training

EARTHRES provides a full range of landfill gas (LFG) system management services for its clients, including operation, troubleshooting, monitoring, maintenance, and compliance reporting of the active gas collection and control systems.

Project Spotlight – Industrial Minerals Consulting – From Waste to Wealth

EARTHRES industrial minerals consulting can provide new sales channels for your waste stream. Talk with us today.

Project Spotlight – Naval Air Station Key West Coastal Restoration

EARTHRES assists with coastal restoration and revetment project to restore the Naval Air Station facility after a hurricane ripped through caused damage.

Project Spotlight – Shale Gas Wellpad Standardization

EARTHRES was contracted by one developer to help standardize its equipment installations by analyzing several completed installations and preparing as-built 3-D drawings of the preferred equipment arrangements.

Project Spotlight – Comprehensive Industrial Environmental Compliance

EARTHRES was contracted by the client to provide environmental consulting services for their facility in Trenton, NJ. EARTHRES also completed various permitting and compliance projects.

Project Spotlight: Spring Water Resource Permitting in Exceptional Value Watershed

EARTHRES performs hydrological investigations in support of a new source spring water permit in an Exceptional Value watershed.

Project Spotlight – Expedited Permitting for Drilling Industry Chemical Terminal

EARTHRES obtains expedited permitting for a drilling industry chemical terminal in Central Pennsylvania. Includes bulk and container storage of flammable and combustible materials.

Project Spotlight: Brownfield Investigation and Development

EARTHRES partners with two other firms to secure a contract for environmental services under the U.S. EPA 2010 Brownfields Assessment Grant.

Project Spotlight – DPCC DCR Spill Plan

EARTHRES prepares renewal of existing GSA DPCC DCR spill plan for our clients. This plan was required for the over 20,000-gallon storage capacity of hazardous materials and oil storage.

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