Proven Project Solutions: Government

Project Spotlight – Naval Air Station Key West Coastal Restoration

EARTHRES assists with coastal restoration and revetment project to restore the Naval Air Station facility after a hurricane ripped through caused damage.

Project Spotlight: Brownfield Investigation and Development

EARTHRES partners with two other firms to secure a contract for environmental services under the U.S. EPA 2010 Brownfields Assessment Grant.

Project Spotlight – GSA DPCC DCR Spill Plan

EARTHRES prepares renewal of existing GSA DPCC DCR spill plan for our clients. This plan was required for the over 20,000-gallon storage capacity of hazardous materials and oil storage.

Project Spotlight – RCRA Facility Investigation and Remediation

Project Spotlight – EARTHRES conducted an RCRA facility investigation and corrective measures study in support of soil and groundwater remediation of chlorinated VOCs.

Project Spotlight – Air Quality Plan Hospital Cogeneration Plant

EARTHRES prepared the air quality plan approval application for the 10-MW hospital cogen project at the Reading Hospital and Medical Center. This combined heat and power (CHP) will simultaneously generate both electricity and heat, providing significant cost reduction.

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