Proven Project Solutions: Energy

Project Spotlight – Natural Gas Compressor Station Design

Our client (company confidential) wanted to increase their natural gas compressor station operating capacity while decreasing operating costs. They wanted to achieve this by modifying their existing and costly methanol-based antifreeze system to a gas-gas heat exchanger system to accomplish the temperature stabilization. One caveat, construction must be completed while the station was in operation, with minimal downtime to keep with demand. Read more...

Project Spotlight – USTDA-Funded Feasibility Study Landfill Gas to Energy Pilot Project Mexico

Planned and implemented for the development of a 1-3 MW USTDA Landfill Gas to Energy pilot project facility in Zacatecas, Mexico, this feasibility study is successfully completed and officially approved by both the Grantee and USTDA. 

Project Spotlight – 300-mile Midstream Pipeline Network Cathodic Protection Optimization

Project Spotlight - EARTHRES completes Cathodic Protection optimization on 300 miles high-pressure midstream gas lines ensuring system integrity and peak flow.

Key LFGTE Project Experience: Landfill Gas System Management Services and Related Training

EARTHRES provides a full range of landfill gas (LFG) system management services for its clients, including operation, troubleshooting, monitoring, maintenance, and compliance reporting of the active gas collection and control systems.

Project Spotlight – Shale Gas Wellpad Standardization

EARTHRES was contracted by one developer to help standardize its equipment installations by analyzing several completed installations and preparing as-built 3-D drawings of the preferred equipment arrangements.

Project Spotlight – Expedited Permitting for Drilling Industry Chemical Terminal

EARTHRES obtains expedited permitting for a drilling industry chemical terminal in Central Pennsylvania. Includes bulk and container storage of flammable and combustible materials.

Project Spotlight – Award Winning LFGTE Landfill Gas Design/Permitting/CQA Support

EARTHRES provides award-winning landfill gas (LFG) system design and construction support services for a 500-foot LFG pipeline from an existing enclosed flare to a 10 MW landfill gas-to-energy plant.

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