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At EARTHRES, we advocate for our clients via our planning, designing and permitting projects across all industries (i.e., solid waste, mining, energy, manufacturing, food and beverage, commercial, government).  Our knowledge across industries and multiple engineering disciplines allows us to bring a unique and broader perspective to your projects, and apply ideas and solutions in innovative ways.  We pride ourselves in understanding our client’s business and providing services that surpass project needs and meet future company goals.  We call this unique approach Engineering for SuccessSM.

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EARTHRES was founded on the principle of adding value to our clients’ portfolio and providing services that solve their most challenging problems.  In the early days of the firm, that value took shape in many different ways, such as adding landfill airspace through innovative groundwater modeling techniques and creative site planning, capturing landfill gas early in project development using horizontal collectors to bring power conversion projects online and to capacity faster, and using the most advanced radio telemetry and SCADA controls available in ways never before used in the solid waste industry for enhanced pipeline safety and environmental protection.

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From our roots and extensive experience in the solid waste industry, we have grown and expanded our services to include civil, environmental, geotechnical, structural, mechanical, chemical, process/controls, and mining and mineral process engineering for multiple market sectors in the private industry as well as government entities.  Our engineering services, combined with our scientific services, result in a company well-equipped to deal with your projects in practical, cost-effective, and innovative ways.

Let us help make your company’s vision a reality, by using our precise and innovative Engineering for SuccessSM services.


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We’ll Engineer Your Success.

We know your challenges.  We know your industry.  Our multi-faceted experience helps clients across all industries by giving us a higher level of insight that others don’t offer.  This out-of-the-box thinking enables us to provide unique solutions that produce successful results.

EARTHRES is Engineering for SuccessSM

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