Working with EARTHRES Multi-Disciplinary Services

Multiple engineering disciplines. Multiple markets. Many successes.

EARTHRES is a multi-disciplinary engineering consulting firm. This unique viewpoint of working in multiple disciplines and across multiple sectors give us a distinct advantage. Our experienced, certified, passionate, and hardworking EARTHRES engineers and scientists advocate for you to proactively solve your technical and operational challenges.

We are professional and have the utmost of integrity. Our team is invested in your success. This unique approach is one you will find only with EARTHRES.

EARTHRES is Engineering for SuccessSM

We operate from our Appalachian regional office and our LEED® Silver certified Headquarters/Philadelphia area office. With multi-disciplinary expertise, we focus on improving our client’s bottom line through the value of superior engineering.



Improve your operation with EARTHRES’ multi-disciplinary engineering expertise. From solid waste, mining, mechanical and process engineering, to civil, environmental and construction engineering, we have the expertise to partner with you to Engineer for Success.



Avoid costly delays and unnecessary risk with EARTHRES’ geoscience services. Our geoscience services can prevent project disruptions and ensure the timely completion of your project.


Water Resources

Achieve greater operating cost reductions and avoid wastewater surcharges with EARTHRES’ water resource services. From process engineering and wastewater treatment to hydrogeological services and groundwater modeling, we help your operation keep in compliance by optimizing use of this precious resource.



Avoid costly fines and permitting delays for non-compliance. Due to our demonstrated capabilities, EARTHRES has earned a solid reputation with regulatory authorities. Let us take the stress off of you with our regulatory permitting and compliance services.



Maintain regulatory compliance with EARTHRES’ environmental services. Our air quality, water resource management, hydrogeologic and regulatory compliance services help eliminate or control costly environmental issues for your company.


Partner with Us and Together
We’ll Engineer Your Success.

We know your challenges.  We know your industry.  Our multi-faceted experience helps clients across all industries by giving us a higher level of insight that others don’t offer.  This out-of-the-box thinking enables us to provide unique solutions that produce successful results.

EARTHRES is Engineering for SuccessSM

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