Engineering for Government Clients

Civil Engineering & Infrastructure Development

EARTHRES provides comprehensive engineering services for infrastructure development projects, starting with concept design and alternative evaluations, through site evaluation, engineering design, and construction support. Our services include geotechnical investigation, zoning review and land development plans, site civil/ structural design, utility design and coordination, bid and contract document preparation, surveying, coastal protection/restoration, and public water supply development/protection.

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Environmental Compliance is Paramount

Environmental compliance with regulations is paramount when providing engineering and permitting services for government projects. Our regulatory and permitting experience adds value to our clients’ projects through familiarity with the regulations, efficiency with application preparation, avoidance of overly restrictive permit conditions and potential construction/installation delays, and in minimizing and managing regulatory comments associated with permit applications and compliance reports. At EARTHRES, we go the extra mile to work closely with all Federal, State and local government authorities and agencies to ensure that every project we manage encompasses our Engineering for SuccessSM philosophy.

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Pollution Control, Site Investigation and Remediation

We have extensive experience in air quality compliance for nuisance control for our hospital and energy clients, including Cogeneration Plants, Alternative fuel-fired (landfill gas, digester gas) and traditional turbines and engines, as well as compliance with NSPS IIII, JJJJ & NESHAP ZZZZ for Stationary Internal Combustion Engines.

EARTHRES has extensive experience assessing and remediating ground and groundwater contaminants, through our Phase I AAI Environmental Site Assessments, Phase II Site Investigation, geophysical surveys and remedial engineering for Brownfield sites. We can develop Discharge Prevention Control and Countermeasure (DCCR) plans and Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasure (SPCC) Plans. Alleviate coastal erosion and destabilizations with our coastal restorations and revetment design and build services.

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Engineering Services for Government Entities

The following are services we offer to public and private entities:


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Bogged down with regulatory issues? EARTHRES will help navigate the complex permitting process and see your project through from conception to development.

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