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Food and beverage manufacturers must comply with strict food safety standards set by the FDA. At EARTHRES, we safeguard the source water for your bottled water and beverage manufacturing with stringent monitoring at the source site. By optimizing the process flow and proper water treatment and wastewater management, your facility will enjoy a reduction in operating costs.

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Let us be your trusted source – from water sourcing and permitting to process improvements and food safety plans. Our PCQI certified team can help you keep in compliance with the latest preventive controls and GMP standards. We offer the following services:

  • Water Sourcing & Permitting – Safeguard the integrity of your source water through our hydrogeological services. We will source, monitor and ensure proper permitting of your source water for bottled water manufacturing.
  • Process Engineering – Maximize cost savings by optimizing your process for more effective water management. Proper process engineering can reduce the overall amount of water utilized for proper management of this precious resource.
  • Facilities Permitting –We will help you with your facilities permitting needs, including air quality, NPDES, water supply permitting, and Water Basin Commission permitting.
  • Water/Wastewater Engineering – Minor changes to the manufacturing process will equate to big savings by effectively treating and using process water. This can reduce the amount and composition of the wastewater, often requiring less wastewater pretreatment.
  • Sustainability – At EARTHRES, we safeguard our natural resources and maintain community relations while still ensuring corporate profitability.
  • Regulatory Compliance– Keep in compliance with FSMA regulations. Our PCQI trained professionals will make certain your facility is aligned with the proper food defense plans and manufacturing to the most stringent GMP guidelines.
  • Process Control & Instrumentation – Our engineering team will evaluate all process variables to make certain your manufacturing process is running at peak performance.

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Realize exponential operational cost savings through our food and beverage engineering services. Talk to us about how our Engineering for SuccessSM solutions can benefit your operation.

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