Commercial Development

Vision. Alignment. Accomplishment.

At EARTHRES, our professional staff values your vision and offers the commercial engineering experience and foresight to transform your project into a reality. Collaborating with you, our expert staff will be able to communicate the pre-eminent methods to sculpt your land into a commercial entity. Years of clients’ project approvals, along with our internal commitment to professional staff development and our utilization of leading-edge technology, allows us to assure you the confidence that your commercial venture will be engineered to the best standards while maintaining a cost-effective approach.

We listen to you. To fully understand the goals your project will achieve, your designated team will navigate you from feasibility inquiries to the day your vision is a reality. Although our professional engineering staff has years of experience earning approvals for clients, they approach your project with fresh, intuitive energy to yield a final design that embraces your site and realization of your vision.

Your Journey…Streamlined By EARTHRES

Your commercial venture will require several phases to ensure success throughout the engineering of the project. While every commercial parcel presents its own challenges based on the geometry of the site, or natural resources on the land, your EARTHRES Team will lean on their professional tenure and assist you through the following steps:

  • Conceptual Planning and Site Feasibility Analysis
  • Zoning Applications and Commercial Land Development Engineering
  • Stormwater Management and Best Management Practices (BMPs)
  • Grading and Traffic Circulation Design
  • Erosion and Sedimentation Control Plans and Sequence of Construction Narratives
  • Local, County, State and Federal Permitting

Communication is the greatest tool to expedite your site approvals and permitting. At EARTHRES, we pride ourselves on effective interaction with the client and all the governing agencies so we can maintain your project schedule.

Engineering Your Site from Vision to Grand Opening

We have rich experience in commercial development, taking into account all types of parcels and unique challenges. We offer a full range of commercial development services including:

Commercial properties are a part of everyday life and your design team at EARTHRES will plan the development of your site to maximize your utilization of the property. Combining our years of practical commercial engineering with low-impact conservation methods will transform the parcel into your vision.

Knowledgeable. Accurate. Thorough.

Bogged down with regulatory issues? EARTHRES will help navigate the complex permitting process and see your project through from conception to development.

EARTHRES is Engineering for SuccessSM

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