Wetlands Delineation & Permitting

EarthRes knows regulations. Even better, we are experts in delineating wetlands throughout the state of Pennsylvania and within the shale gas region. Most activities in or around wetlands are regulated at the state and federal level, which means that knowing about the presence of a wetland on your site can prevent damaging costs to your projects.

EarthRes can also provide valuable input on how to manage these areas while maximizing site usage and advancing your project to completion. Wetland delineation and permitting services include:

  • Presence or absence determination
  • Field Delineation of Wetlands (1987 USACE Manual)
  • Wetland boundary survey
  • USACE / PA DEP joint permits
  • Alternative analysis
  • Stream / wetland encroachment and crossing permits and design
  • Wetland functions and values assessments
  • Threatened and endangered species search coordination
  • Compensatory wetland mitigation plan design and implementation
  • Wetland hydrology assessments
  • Integrate wetlands and streams into site design
  • USACE constructed mitigation wetlands monitoring and reporting
We Know Regulations
We'll make sure you do, too