Spring Water Resource Permitting in Exceptional Value Watershed

Hydrological investigations in support of a new source spring water permit in an Exceptional Value watershed. Efforts included meetings with state regulatory agencies, aquifer testing, characterization of rainfall influence, surface and groundwater interaction assessment,wetland mapping and monitoring, groundwater quality assessment, FDA determination of spring water, statistical analysis of hydrological data, environmental audit of surrounding properties, and permit application preparation and submission to state and river basin commission.

Engineering design of a spring catchment and collection box system to fill by gravity flow was completed for construction at the site. Bulk water treatment and storage facilities were also designed for the client. Spring catchment and collection boxes, ancillary piping, stainless steel storage silo, and bulk water load-out building were constructed at the site. A remote monitoring system to comply with state and river basin permit requirements was designed and installed. Permit amendment was completed to replace PVC transmission line with stainless steel piping from silo to load-out building.

Site permitting was completed initially in Pennsylvania and subsequently in New York State in 2010.