Solid Waste

From Reuse to Disposal

EarthRes is well versed in the solid waste market, with years of experience in planning, designing, and constructing solid waste management facilities including landfills, Material Recovery Facilities (MRF), transfer stations, compost facilities, hazardous TSD facilities, and biosolids and medical waste processing facilities. Our firm provides engineering, permitting and operational support for a variety of solid waste management sites. For landfills, EarthRes specializes in the design of landfill gas and leachate management/treatment systems, including landfill gas-to-energy applications.

EarthRes understands the competitive nature of the waste industry, as well as the market factors that contribute to client success. We work within those constraints to provide high-quality cost competitive services while being accessible and responsive. We are a purpose-driven firm that is intent on improving our clients’ operations and bottom line.

Our experience in the solid waste market enables our firm to provide a wide range of capabilities, including waste management facility economic analysis and feasibility, engineering and design, groundwater monitoring, stormwater management, compliance reporting, and more.

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