Mechanical & Process Engineering

EarthRes offers a full spectrum of engineering services to provide solutions to all aspects
of your facility.  Our mechanical & process engineering staff offers services including
full plant design, changes and expansions, 3D surveying, and facility inspections to
ensure your equipment is running at maximum efficiency.


  • Equipment design, equipment expansions
  • Combustion systems
  • Plant layouts
  • Mechanical integrity studies
  • Mechanical design Plant 3D and Civil 3D for plant expansions
  • Chemical engineering / HYSYS Modeling
  • Gas dispersion modeling
  • Natural gas facilities
  • Manufacturing equipment and facilities
  • Air and odor pollution control



  • Procedure and process related to Process Safety Management (PSM)
  • Risk Management Program (RMP) applicability studies and governing practices


3D Surveying for As-Built Drawings

Our intelligent technology allows you to view your facility with precise measurement and pictures, allowing you to make quicker and better informed decisions for future expansions or maintenance.

  • Accurate 3D model of your facility to sub-centimeter accuracy
  • 2D iso and ortho drawings generated
  • Alternative analysis base plan for improvements
  • Precise construction drawings
  • Allows for quicker and more informed decisions
  • Understand how to create a new higher revenue operating system
  • Develop plant scenarios by modeling different options


Operational Mindset & Practical Design
For your maximum efficiency
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