Company Leadership

Jan C. Hutwelker, P.E.

President, Principal Engineer

Mr. Jan Hutwelker is the President and founder of EarthRes Since his graduation from West Virginia University in 1981, Mr. Hutwelker has completed or managed successful engineering and construction projects in most all of EarthRes’ markets. Not a career consultant, he began work in the mining industry, working as an engineer and production superintendent in Tennessee, Kentucky and New Jersey. His early business management experience is supplemented by diverse technical experience from over 25 years of engineering consulting on solid waste, civil, environmental and mining projects – including the past 18 years where he has led the successful growth of EarthRes. Based on this background, Mr. Hutwelker is uniquely qualified to understand and see issues from a client’s perspective. He sets the standard for the EarthRes team in maintaining its core principals of partnering with our clients to help them achieve their goals.

Louis F. Vittorio, Jr., P.G.

Vice President, Principal Hydrogeologist, Director Commercial/Environmental Sector

Mr. Vittorio is Vice President and Principal Hydrogeologist at EarthRes with over 27 years of experience in the environmental consulting industry, and is currently serving as the President of the Pennsylvania Council of Professional Geologists (PCPG). He specializes in the combined areas of geological, hydrological, and geophysical investigations targeted at groundwater resource assessment, aquifer contamination evaluation and remediation. Hydrogeological projects have included groundwater source permitting, numerical and analytical dewatering analysis, advanced aquifer analysis techniques, groundwater flow and contaminant transport modeling, geophysical assessment of subsurface conditions; and environmental site assessment, characterization and remediation. As Director of the EarthRes Commercial/Environmental Market Sector, Lou is responsible for strategic planning and business development in that market.

David R. Horvath, P.G.

Director of Operations, Director Solid Waste Sector

Mr. Horvath has 18 years of professional experience in civil engineering, landfill, mining, and environmental consulting. Areas of specialization include landfill and hazardous waste repository design and construction including all aspects of containment, closure, gas and leachate management, permitting, construction quality assurance, daily operations, and health and safety management. Mr. Horvath’s responsibilities also include managing geotechnical and environmental site investigations; groundwater and soil remediation at petroleum, pesticide, and heavy metals impact sites, coastal restoration and geologic hazard assessment. In his role as Operations Director, Dave is responsible for managing firm-wide project scheduling and staff utilization. As Director of the EarthRes Solid Waste sector, he manages strategy and business development of solid waste services.